Monday, November 30, 2009

Blue Friday

I will call it "Blue instead of Black Friday".
I absolutely hate shopping ( I don't have the money) so I just tell myself that I don't like to shop.

The thought of fighting traffic and a crowd of people makes me cringe.... so I decided to have a nice enjoyable ride to North Shore on my bike Friday.

I was very nice outside, but the ride there was way to easy. I was averaging 22 mph without giving it much effort so I knew that I had some work cut out for me on the ride back.

I spent alot of time on the ride taking pictures, this is something that you don't do if you are riding with other people or training for an event. Where you are training, you are really focused on the ride/workout. Friday I tried to soak up as much of the little things that I could. Before I know it, me and my beautiful love Hawaii will be separated.

This beach area is about 7 miles from my home, alot of the coastline on the ride looks like this. It is absolutely breathtaking and fun to ride when the side winds are howling.... I got to kind of ride with a lean due to the stong wind.

Another stop not to far down the road for some shade and photos....
Isn't this just a beautiful little spot?
Here is some local opinion.... put on sheets to make a billboard. This has been here for long time, I just have never taken time to stop or read. Do you know the history of Hawaii and how it was taken over? It is pretty sad, but it seems this is the story of all lands at one time or another.
I stopped at the Vans Triple Crown 2nd event at Sunset Beach. I stayed there for about an hour but it is tough for me to be at the beach in my bike outfit, I am sure to everyone that looked at me they were thinking... What is up with that girl dressed like that (what a weirdo) About a year and a half ago before I ever rode a bike, I would have thought the same thing. HA HA
I had to get a shot of the cute $2 drinks......... gotta love coconut milk!

All the pretty horses...... They have a nice home! This is what I rewarded myself with at the Hygenic Store, Slammed the coke and stuck the Hot Dog in my back pocket. It made riding in the wind by myself all worth the work.


  1. :) I love riding that route. Totally want a helmet cam to document it!