Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Strange Things

It's Thanksgiving Eve and I am excited. I got to talk to my dad this morning before heading to work and that was nice. I had my breakfast & coffee and I was ready to head out to work.

My neighbor (man) was outside this morning. I said the usual hello/good morning to him and he told me he had to move my car last night to park his in the back of the driveway. Cool..... I have no problems with that at all.
Well, to my embarassment I opened the door of my car to find a pair of my underwear in the floor of the driver side. Yep! I can't even imagine what my neighbor must have thought about that.

He knows that I am an active girl that always has a surfboard in the car or a bike hanging off the back. I don't know if it crossed his mind that I also use my car as a locker room. Yes, I change clothes in my itty bitty Miata. Hopefully he thought about that, but oh well. If anything now, my neighbor thinks I am a COMPLETE FREAK that surfs alot!


  1. I thought you said you never wore underwear ;-)
    Hope you have a happy thanksgiving and we can catch up when I get back.

  2. Ahhhhh haha, that is just classic!! Happy post-Thanksgiving day :)