Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Aloha Friends! Yes, I have not written in fo ever :-) I have been reading about the exciting lives of my friends that are training and racing and it motivates me. I need to get back in the swing of things with my life of blogging. It is fun! (this is a picture from the day I rode with the IRON GIRLS up to Mt. Laguna) big difference from my pictures from my tropical paradise adventures huh???
As you may have noticed I have changed the Name of my Blog..... "FINALLY" ....I have let go of Hawaii for now, but it remains in my heart forever. I might change the title of my blog later but for now it works for my life.

I have so much change going on it would take hours to explain but in the quick and simple..... My personal life is GREATLY effected by my work life now. Being in the Navy and on a ship (that goes to sea) You do have to be very LOOSEY GOOSEY with your plans..... things change! That is why I am glad that i competed in the SuperFrog this month since any other plans of racing any time soon are out the window due to my job.
I am writing this on my lunch break while I am attending Air Intercept Control School so I have to be short. I am very excited for all of my friends racing and training this weekend. I AM SO PROUD OF ALL OF MY FRIENDS, THEY AMAZE ME!! I will be working on the boat this whole weekend and had to give up my "Spring Sprint Triathlon" That I was signed up for. I was really hoping to do good things at that race. Maybe next time right???