Monday, May 10, 2010


That is what I have heard Fallon, Nevada refered to as..... SPACE!! I guess because it is in the middle of nowhere and there is lots of nothing here :-)

I am one of 5 Air Intercept Controller Supervisors in our Carrier Strike Group. The Sups and the AIC (the other controllers) from the Aircraft Carrier and the ships that our in our Strike Group come out here with the Air Wings that we will deploy with. Our mission is to attend the fighter briefs for missions and then control the fighter missions and get great training and control time! It is awesome fun!

This is the front of the building were we control from, I can not take picutres inside any of our training spaces. You know if I could I would :-)

Ahh... What a beautiful shot I captured below! A line of F-18 Hornets with the snow capped mountains in the background.

It is cold enough outside for me to leave my yogurt outside on top of the car. It is around 35-45 degrees out today! The forecast says that it will get better, but our afternoon flights got cancelled due to the weather up in the sky :-( BUMMER!!!! Hence the time to do this blog!!

This is just another shot of the fighters, they use rocks here to landscape the base instead of grass. I will take more photos of the landscape here when the temp reaches above 60.