Sunday, January 10, 2010

I HEART New Adventures!!

What a view... little hazy from the VOG last week, but still nice! Traveling up Tantalus with Maggs last week, she noticed a "Rabbit" in the woods. I was thinking.... bunny rabbits don't live in Hawaii do they? We turned around to check it out and it was a stuffed purple bunny on a stump in an area where there were panties and bras hanging in the trees! (look in the branches) I think some teenagers were REALLY REALLY bored.
This view is from Saturday morning in Kailua.... water was like glass!
I wanted to remember sitting here and having breakfast :-)
HIC & 808 Skate in the background, paddle boards strapped and ready to get in the water!!
Almost there....
Time for a little balance training :-)
Lucky I live Hawaii, even if it is only for a few more days!
I got to see a few turtles while cruzing around (little late on the photo)
I really enjoyed trying something new
With new company :-)
This hottie was the highlight of my day.... to bad he only ran into the store long enough for me to get a quick picture... I think he was German?
I always wonder who rents the Limos.... I think maybe the Japanese Tourist?
Ahhh...... I love my friends!! I am in the yellow :-) Post ride goodies to end a perfect chill ride. I loved the Passion Fruit butter!!

I got to sqeeze in a surf in the evening before getting ready for the week. I am so thankful for my amazing weekend.... To bad they are so short!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

December 2009

Aloha, I have not blogged since I returned back to Hawaii from Tennessee so I thought the best way to catch up would be do a December in a snapshot. I started the month off by going to check out the freshly shipped in Christmas Trees at Ala Moana Mall.

This stand is in the parking area and it smelled heavenly.... That was the best part!!

I didn't have a tree this year, but my heart was filled with Cheer!

Cheering for Friends that were competing in Ironman Western Austrailia
Habitiat for Humanity in Waiamanalo with some shipmates from work
I got to witness the "EDDIE"!! The last time this event was held was in 2004. An unbelievealbe event! To learn more about it:
XTERRA Trail Run Worlds.... Kualoa Ranch 13.1 miles of fun
Christmas Lights Ride part 1 :-) Fun Fun!!
I got horrible news that my Nanny died. I flew home to be with my family and say good-bye. She is in my dreams alot lately so I think that means that she is watching over me.
This is My Pappa, I love him so much. He loves his lawnmower!
I got to meet my 3rd cousins for the first time
Me & my beautiful Mom.... horseing around at Opryland Hotel
Me & My handsome Dad
After returning back to the island.... I got back on my bike and headed to the beach! Winter Is Here!!
Christmas Eve kicked off with a nice ride to North Shore with Maggs, it was such a beautiful day. After the ride we enjoyed omlets and got ready for Christmas Eve at Jody's house. Wonderful Food & Entertainment provided by Wii Fit/Maggs & John.
Weekend before Christmas was Bikefactory Lights Ride part 2.
You better watch out, you better not cry..........
Rolling in my 5 point O
New Years Eve was spent at the beach with my friends. This guy was taking a nap in the sun.
I am in my happy place!
I love spending time with these gals, what a great day to close out a spectacular year!
2009 has been the YEAR OF MY LIFE! I can't imagine life getting any better...... but I sure do hope for more suprises in 2010.