Sunday, January 10, 2010

I HEART New Adventures!!

What a view... little hazy from the VOG last week, but still nice! Traveling up Tantalus with Maggs last week, she noticed a "Rabbit" in the woods. I was thinking.... bunny rabbits don't live in Hawaii do they? We turned around to check it out and it was a stuffed purple bunny on a stump in an area where there were panties and bras hanging in the trees! (look in the branches) I think some teenagers were REALLY REALLY bored.
This view is from Saturday morning in Kailua.... water was like glass!
I wanted to remember sitting here and having breakfast :-)
HIC & 808 Skate in the background, paddle boards strapped and ready to get in the water!!
Almost there....
Time for a little balance training :-)
Lucky I live Hawaii, even if it is only for a few more days!
I got to see a few turtles while cruzing around (little late on the photo)
I really enjoyed trying something new
With new company :-)
This hottie was the highlight of my day.... to bad he only ran into the store long enough for me to get a quick picture... I think he was German?
I always wonder who rents the Limos.... I think maybe the Japanese Tourist?
Ahhh...... I love my friends!! I am in the yellow :-) Post ride goodies to end a perfect chill ride. I loved the Passion Fruit butter!!

I got to sqeeze in a surf in the evening before getting ready for the week. I am so thankful for my amazing weekend.... To bad they are so short!!


  1. mmmmmmmmm... mini muffins!
    Beautiful pictures of Hawaii and I focus on the muffins. Teehee :)

  2. We should make some additions to the underwear tree.

  3. that sounds like quite the amazing weekend!! you must be a little sad to leave?!

  4. hi!!!! hear your eastward bound to the west coast....let's get in touch! i want to know where you are living!!
    my email is

  5. Guys in speedos wandering around? Hot! Love the magical purple bunny!