Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Xterra 21K @ Kualoa Ranch

Ok, I have to tell how I got signed up for this race in the first place! I am extremely glad that I did it and I had a super fun time :-)

Ok, so after my Chief Induction/Transition or whatever you want to call it... I decided I wanted to train for the marathon. The Boca Group (people that I like to train with) were already at 10+ miles during the week and at almost 15 for the weekend so I had some catching up to do. I started out slowly building up the miles. I was having fun and taking it easy, I participated in the 30k and suprised myself by running the longest distance of my life 18 miles. I thought, If I can do this? I can do the marathon. Maybe a week or two later, I got this yucky pain in my foot and got "scared" by reading about Plantar Fasciitis....... Anyways, My friend Allison and I were both dealing with "little things" going on in our body. She said she was going to run the XTERRA 21k and I said that sounded more entertaining that the Marathon down the same road that we are always on so I was excited to sign up. I just fear injuring something and having to wait a long time to heal or fear making a little injury worse by over-doing it.

I am really glad that this all worked out the way it did, I had a great race and got WAY TO MANY PHOTOS!!! Here are some that I wanted to share: hope you enjoy them What a beautiful parking lot.......

Best part of racing is running into great friends that you otherwise don't get to see!

Tons of people gathered for a beautiful day Not only does he have a nice outfit, he is barefoot! What a backdrop to a finish lineThe 21K (13.1 mile run) Started at 9am, followed by a 10k and then a 5k The first part of the run is nothing but UP!

Yes, I spent a lot of energy on the run getting great pictures!
I figure if I am not trying to place then why not enjoy every little second. I even made some new friends on the trail!

Kualoa Ranch is over 3,000 acres

More Climing!!
Almost There??? Let's see what is around corner #1
I loved getting to splash in the creek! The cold water was refreshing
Yes, I smiled through most of the run!! (Well, maybe not the HUGE HILLS)
Had to get a picture of the canoe carved out of a tree
Is this some down hill?? YES!!!

I'll bet you money the people around me were tired of me taking photos

This tropper is also doing the marathon this Sunday!!
I thought that I would throw on a little face paint for fun, hope it didn't have cow poop in it!
Slip n Slide Time!! So much fun!!
This is my favorite part of it all!!! The friends!!!

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity in Waimanalo....

I volunteered my Saturday morning to spend time with fellow sailors on this project. It was fun and rewarding! I am glad that I got an opportunity to give some time to help out.
Mixing the Sealer for the 2 bathrooms in the home
Luckily I got to use a paintbrush and primer all morning, no powertools or sharp objects had to be used by my clumsy hands.
You like my nametag?
This is the kitchen/living area. Cabinets were getting installed.
Brian painting with the most amazing scenery as a back drop.After the work at the home, I headed to the beach for some "ME" time!!And look what I found.....

I Love Hawaii!!