Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gidget Pro

Poor Dog! He was so cute being the advertiser for lots of sponsors at the event!

I got to Sunset Beach and found a nice spot to set and wait until the women started thier competition.

While waiting I got to watch some of the men heats and to me the best one was with Sunny Garcia Shredding those double overhead waves like no tomorrow!

Lots of Spectators and lots of cameras
This is a shot of Rachele Ballard chit chatting with Buttons on Friday, she has mad skills in the water and is the best female tube rider of ALL TIME! To me she is one of these BEST surfers of this generation, and she started camps for young girls to help them get involved and learn about surfing, I could go on and on but I won't. She is an ICON for me! $0=how much it cost to watch surf contest $15= price of event T-shirt
This photo of Japanese Tourist = PRICELESS

They moved the VANS banner when it was time for the Women to Start!
Brazilian Silvana Lima with 3 boards trying to decide which to use
This chic is bad ass! She surfs so wild and gets airs more than any other female surfer I have watched, it was really cool to see her in action on the North Shore.
I am so stoked that I got to watch her warm up!
Here is a shot of Rochelle, she was a caddy for Coco Ho in the sweet 16 heat! A caddy is a person that takes an extra board out to the break for the surfer in the contest, just incase they want to swith due to wave size/conditions or if they break a board during their heat.
Hawaii's Megan Abubo, I later got to speak to her and tell her great job in her heat. (STOKED!)
Hawaii's Melanie Bartels
Ok, I had to get a picture of Alana Blanchards Backside. Call me weird, but I think that she is beautiful and this is a picture that you will not see on any website or magazine. She won the Reef Pro in Haleiwa this year! After she won her heat in the sweet 16 and she went from Semi Finals and to the finals to take 4th place
Hawaii's Coco Ho :-) She didn't make it to the finals but did an amzing job out there!

I didn't get to watch the finals live or the awards ceremony because I had to head back home, shower and be somewhere. Hawaii's Carrisa Moore (17) Won and I am so happy for her. She is a senior in High School and one of the best surfers ever!! Way to Go Carrissa!

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