Thursday, December 3, 2009

Didn't surf...... loved the evening!

I had the most amazing evening! This afternoon, I had an appointment to schedule my Household Goods Shipment which will be January 12th :-( Yes, Sad! Oh well, time to move on before long.
Until I move, I will continue to have these blissful evenings at the beach! The surf here in Hawaii right now is pretty massive. It is about 20ft faces on the north shore and on base today it was about 15ft faces on the big sets, I did not paddle out. Lots of guys were being super pushy and saying that I could handle it, but I was very happy just "being" at the beach. A friend whose son surfs showed up and I got to chat with her a bit and then after she left I decided to run along the waters edge for some cardio.... Yowza is running in the sand a great workout!!!
I stayed at the beach until the sun was completely gone and the rain started..... the sound of the powerful waves, the energy from all the "stoked" surfers, the coolness of the ocean water on my skin, the cold sand in all the "wrong" places, the beauty of the most amazing thing created from storms WAVES, and the brave souls taking off on the 15 feet drops...... All made for the Perfect evening for me.
Any evening spent outside in nature/ocean is a living dream for me!! (the warmth helps)
Today was also my friend Rachele's last day at work, she has been a great friend and mentor for me. I am sad to see her go, but I am happy that she will be happy in her next adventure. We will miss you Rachele.
This is me being the photographer for the day.... I was trying to figure out what button to push.
This guy is holding his board that was broke into two pieces.... Hopefully he enjoyed some rides before the break.
This is my friend Malia's youngest son Kanoa, his big brother Makai was out surfing. Isn't the beach beautiful.....
Ahh.... my dinner topped with some fish outta the freezer! I wonder how long it has been in there???

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  1. I soooooo wish I lived in HI right now so I could come watch the massive surf!! We have 10ft swells in Carlsbad right now - nothing compared to the north shore! :)