Sunday, March 7, 2010


You guessed it!! More HAWAII stuff :-)

Today's blog is about the wonderful little paradise within paradise called "WAIAMANALO"Found this little creature heading back on a bike ride one day!

Sign at the McDonalds... and below was a marathon training group I passed one morning on a long run. I need a change of scenery from time to time so I took my long run and my camera with me to the country!

Waimanalo is known for its growth of landscaping stuff, (I don't know the appropriate name for that) it rains here alot and the perfect spot to grow stuff.

Olomana Peaks from a different angle that you are used to seeing

Someone had put out some feed for these peacocks, I guess they are regulars at this hangout!

You can tell that I am really focused on my run on this day!!!

I am not sure if this cotton was planted a long time ago and it continues to grow or if it grew there by accident. It was always amusing for me to see it on the side of the road.

This is the cutest little troll house on the island..........

American Pride :-)

Cute little food place

One crazy windy day at the top of Olomana Peaks

Monday, March 1, 2010

Letting Go...... or Trying!

As most of you know, I no longer live in Hawaii. I have put off making my last blog post from "My life in Hawaii". I sometimes blamed it on my computer, other times on my laziness, and another reason is because it has been extremely hard to LET GO! I am working on it! Trust me, it is not easy. I had the most wonderful relationship with Hawaii..... it was probably the best and most fulfilling relationship in my entire life. Letting Go will take more than a few days :-)

What I have decided to do is take some more time with my blog to share my good times from Hawaii that I haven't yet put out on the table. I want to be able to look back at this blog and read, smile, and remember the wonderful life that I lived there. I can't just sqeeze it into one blog and I don't have the time to set here and do it all now. I think I will feel better to just share a little at a time in no particular order.....

Yeah, that is what I will do! This picture was taken of the locals cooking Huli Huli Chicken to sale on the side of the road in their hometown of Laie. Nothing better than the smell of this..... while you are on your bike and unable to stop for a meal :-) Dad and I out on the golf course when he came to watch me at Hawaii 70.3. In the background is my favorite surf spot on the ENTIRE island. I often dream of this place STILL, it is the place I miss the most. Isn't is beautiful.... even on rainy windy days..... just so wonderful! Surfing is the love of my life!! I feel that our relationship has been on the rocks for a few weeks, but you don't give up on something so wonderful during hard times... You work on it right?? That is why I will continue to get in the water and get my ass kicked and freeze to death here in California to make our relationship work. It is worth it!! I am not closing this "LIFE IN HAWAII" until I am ready...... I will continue to share my good Hawaii times with you and to keep a log if it for my memory in the future :-) I don't want to rush... I will need a new name for my blog though???

I am so thankful to have wonderful people here that brighten my days! Thanks for being there yesterday Beth!!!!! This life is wonderful and I am so thankful to have you all in my life!