Monday, November 23, 2009

10 Weekends Left :-( I think??

Yes, I am counting down my precious weekends............

Saturday mornings start early for me and I really love that. I always look forward to the day's adventure. This Saturday morning I finally made it to the fountain to ride with the Quick Release Group and only 2 people were there :-( That was ok, but I really looked forward to seeing old friends for the first time in way to long. Allison and I went to the Pali, I really wanted to climb it since I haven't climbed a hill in what seems like forever.

We were very lucky with a clear, breezy, cool morning with NO RAIN!!

Here is a trickle of a waterfall on Nu'uanu Drive. I love this road, there is no traffic and all you hear is the sound of the stream flowing while you slowly climb in the cool mountain air :-)

I love flying down the Pali on the other side..... the wind was so strong I had to pedal most of the way down. It is so much fun. I don't have pics or videos of that because it is important to have both hands on my bars. A helmet cam would be cool though. Here is a picture that I found on the web, we decend in the lane that the white car isn't on. It was alot cloudier Saturday, but still fun.
Here is a picture that I took after we got to the bottom. As you can see it was cloudy, but still just a perfect day.

We ran into Katy in Waimanalo, she rode back with us to Hawaii Kai where she lives. Here is a not so straight picture of the ride back.
In the afternoon, I headed up to North Shore and paddled out at Gas Chambers. It was very nice and not to many guys in the water. I caught some fun long rights and got killed by taking a few big ones on the head. I love surfing so much, I just got a little cold out that day. Can you believe how cold I am going to be in San
After the surf sesh, I went and got some coffee to warm up and headed back home. Sunday I surfed on the base at k-bay.... It was fun and not many guys out. I was glad to get some sunshine.
I am so excited that this is a short week and I can sqeeze some more surfing/riding in!!!!

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