Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Freedom Isn't Free

Aloha! Today was for remembering those who have sacrificed their all for our country and our "FREEDOM". I don't know if 10% of Americans ever stop to think about how wonderful we have it compared to the rest of the world, but after traveling the world for the past 10+ years "I GET IT". I am very thankful to be American. No matter how tough things get for us, we can not fathom what others around the globe deal with on a daily basis. SURVIVAL, is what is on most of their minds.
I finally Slept past 7am :-) after waking up naturally at 5am to pouring rain... but It turned out to be a beautiful day minus the wind so I took my board and my camera on a journey to North Shore. I found out that North Shore looked like windward side surf... Oh well!! I still enjoyed the morning!

I entertained myself today with my camera instead of my surfboard.

At Haleiwa they are making preps for the Reef Hawaii Pro and I ran into an old friend who is visiting from San Diego.... WoW its a small world.
Here we are before I had to run off. I look forward to crossing paths again with my good friend Anthony!
These groms were ready to get in a catch some waves.... I hope that they caught a wave or two for me!
I love Hawaii and will cherish every minute that I have to spend here until I depart in the New Year :-)


  1. Thanks so much for your well wishes for Az. Awesome post, and so true that it's great to be an American! Very well said!!! and Thank you for YOUR service!!
    I'm super jealous of all the traveling you've done!
    Cheers, Caroline

  2. Freedom isn't free... there's a hefty fuckin fee. Hey! YOU started it! ;)

    I'm very thankful to be American too. Orrr not. Ya, that just didn't feel right haha.