Saturday, November 28, 2009

1 year ago....

Last year for Thanksgiving weekend, I took the Superferry to Maui and spent the weekend with a friend's friends! I have to say that it was the most memorable Thanksgiving that I can remember. In my past 12 years I can't remember a very special Thanksgiving, lots of holidays spent out to sea, or on duty on the ship eating a meal out of the "galley" I wanted to share with you my experience from last year.
Lots of the food was cooked in IMU "underground oven" Here are some photos of us removing the dirt and potatoe sacks to reviel the food.

This was the setup for dinner out in the yard.
Thanksgiving Dinner was amazing, the company was the best. The next day Clayton and I rode our bikes to Upcountry and here is some of the beautiful scenery on our rideWe stopped at the Ulapalakula Winery for a taste... Yummy!Sunset
The next evening was an event called "EAST MEETS WEST" The tradition started due to a public event of food/wine pairing... They just recreated it at their home for more fun and no cover charge for food.
We all prepared food dish to be paired with a drink, each food was displayed on a table with the folks who prepared it giving a little review of the food/drink before serving it. It was really fun to prepare and later taste all of the dishes....
Clayton sported an apron that said "Who are these kids and why are they calling me Mom?" It suits him very good :-)
Food was based not only on taste, but it was judged on presentation and how it paired with wine or whatever beverage that you choose to pair with it. This was super fun and a great way to bring friends together for an entertaining evening.This was a crab boil.....
I made this Bruchetta, It was so yummy! I didn't get a picture of it until after it had been ravished.We had some wonderful entertainment, the guys played instruments and the ladies danced Hula that was so beautiful. This was a truly amazing experience for me.The next morning I took another quick spin on my bike before I had to go back down to catch the superferry.

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