Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pastries & Retirement

If I have not mentioned earlier, Friday is my favorite day of the "work week"
Fridays are tough at work, there are treats sittting by my desk as soon as I walk in the office. I have to deal with this scenario atleast 2-3 times a week. Friday is a given and its unknown of the other days that the devil comes by and places these by my desk.
These things here are called Malasadas. They are Hawaiian form of a dougnut but instead of having a hole in the middle they are filled with Chocolate or Custard. AND..... They are coated in plain sugar or cinnimon and sugar mix.
Yes, they are evil but soooooo Good!!

Fellow Chief Darrin Lee had his retirement ceremony. It was very nice and I am glad that I didn't get emotional. I was part of the ceremony, I got to read the Chief Petty Officer's Retirement Creed and "The Watch" I have added some photos here from the event. Darrin will be missed by folks in the Navy, he was always there when you need him and when you needed a laugh/smile.
Here are some of the Chiefs lined up to be "Sideboys" That is what the "Official" Party enters through. Usually high ranking officers and the person being honored at the ceremony.
I don't know if I told you or not, but Darrin is 3/4 Ninja. Here he is on the right showcasing his skills with a sword on the cake! We got to eat some yummy food. Steak/Salmon and Veggies and I can't forget the wide worldly variety of beers that Darrin had there to offer. My beer of choice for the afternoon was Pacifico. I could only enjoy 2 now that I am a light-weight. I had to go jump in the ocean afterwards to kill my beer buzz.

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