Monday, June 8, 2009

Day Before the Race

Here was one of Dad's favorite spots......

29th May 2009
Aloha! I have failed at my attempt to be a good blogger since I was on vacation so I am going to give this another shot and redeem myself. My last report was from the Big Island before the Honu. WOW!! What a perfect race weekend, I had so much fun. Not only did I enjoy the race that I have been looking forward to and training for what seems like FOREVER, but I got to spend time with great friends and family and make some NEW FRIENDS to!! Here is a family photo from the view that we had at our beach house.....

I would wake up way to early every morning and go outside to enjoy the peaceful morning. I loved every second staying here for our trip. We had many little green friends that lived in the house with us, I wish the Geckos' were this pretty at my house on Oahu (I should have taken a few home with me) They are great insect control and they bring good luck.

The day before the race included an early morning swim (FUN FUN) FL got to follow my bubbles and on the way back we got to see some cute fish and a turtle... we yelled to Maggs who had her video camera and she got some great footage :-) Here is a picture of us after our short swim.

Since this was my first race with real aid stations on the bike I wanted to practice the bottle exchange/pickup as FL had suggested that she do so Dad and Brent kindly held water bottles for us to fly by and grab. I quickly realized that I need to go slower. Here is a picture of me after my short 15 minute run after my bike, can't you tell I am excited for the race tomorrow??

Later in the evening Dad and Brent made their way into Kona Town and I stayed at the house to prepare my things for race morning as you see here and I had a chance to lay around and relax. I still felt a little under the weather from being sick so I wanted to let my body rest up. We had another great family dinner oceanside with the nice sunset in the VOG.....

Here is what Brent and Dad spent alot of time doing while were were on vacation... They love the grill :-)

Who could ask for a better pre-race day??? I LOVE HAWAII!!
OH YEAH.... I got to meet an amazing triathlete/surfer girl/mom :-)
Bree Wee just happened to walk up while I was at the Expo so I got to do a little chit chat and found out that I am not the only person that is getting over a sickness..... I am super tickled about the photo op that I got with her and her Lifesport add.... GREAT JOB AT REV3 BREE!!!

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