Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bike Riding Fun!

My weekend started Friday when I got off from work :-) I went home and ate leftover pizza and watched a movie. After that I decided that I needed a nap. WOW!! Pretty exciting huh?

Yes, my life can be boring but I love it. After getting woke up from my nap by my brothers' need for some loud heavy metal music.... I woke up for a few hours to accomplish some household cleaning and called it a night. YES, I am the ultimate party animal when it comes to Friday nights.

I took this picture on Sunday :-)

I was exctied about Saturday! Allison is training for IronMan Louisville and during the Honu training I told her after I finished the race, I would continue to do long rides with her to support her IM training. I really enjoy these rides, it keeps me motivated and they are fun.

Her and Chris left from town and rode over the Pali and I met up with them in Kaneohe to continue up to Haliewa and back to the "Quick Release" house for the weekend festivities in support of our Time Trial on Sunday.

Here is a picture of Allison and I on the back porch after we got a hot shower. Allison and Chris put in 5 hours, me only 3:45. The 30mph wind made the finish of this ride very interesting! GREAT JOB ALLISON!

So, the rest of the afternoon was spent at the QR house doing packet and race waiver preps. I couldn't ask for a more entertaining group. I love spending time with them all. We had a family style dinner in the evening and the boys set up 4 tents out in the yard so all of us had places to sleep. There ended up being a total of 32 people at the house on Saturday night. (this made Sunday morning entertaining for me, while creeping through the house in my compression tights.... people were rising up from every little corner in the house) I guess you had to be there.

After sleeping in a tent again this Saturday night, I had a pretty good 40k race on Sunday. The morning started early with 20 people in the kitchen craving coffee and toasting bagels ;-) I just enjoyed being in the family like atmosphere that I have never really got to experience. This has made race weekends with friends the best weekends ever!

Race Registration went smoothly and then right before the athlete meeting the rain came down. It cleared up for a bit and at about mile 9 or 10 of the race the rain paid me a visit again.

I felt good and strong and positive on my bike and regardless of what my finish time ended up being, I was just happy about my race. After I seen that I averaged over 21 mph in that wind and rain I was even happier. My brother attempted his first time trial but a piece of glass in the tire got the best of him a few miles in. I am hoping that he wants to give it another shot in the near future. Racing yourself is fun!!
After a nice relaxing afternoon back at the QR house, we headed over to Turtle Bay for some snorkeling in murky wind swell water and "hot tub time". During the winter this is one of my favorite things to do after a nice cold surf sesh on the north shore. Since Sunday was so windy and cool it felt like winter. The hot tub is outside along the Bay's edge for the most breathtaking scenery.

After we made it home, I spent some quality time taking care of my bike after the fun weekend we had together. I am currently ready to buy a TT bike and I am very excited. The only thing is that I HATE SHOPPING!! I wish I didn't have to go look for it, I would rather use my free time to surf than shop.
I am soooo not girly in that department :-)
Hopefully I will have a new bike to post pictures of in the near future!

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  1. Woo hoo! A new bike. I'm not a big shopper either. I can do it online, but that's it.