Monday, June 8, 2009

18 holes, surf, and BBQ

JUNE 2nd 2009
OK, today I did even worse on the golf course, but atleast we got to play the back nine of the course that runs along the ocean.

This view is worth my humiliation of my brother beating me, but I had a great time out there!!

I got to entertain myself with the golf cart and my plaid shorts.

I suck at putting.... but atleast I did PAR the last two holes of the day so I kind of redeemed myself before we finished. Now were are off to the beach!!
Dad braved it and got on a surfboard for the first time in his life! I have to say that I am pretty impressed with his bravery and paddling skills. GOOD JOB!!

We had to get a family photo with our boards!

I forgot how painful it is on the ribs when you are a new surfer. I have been surfing for a few years, but since I have been wrapped up in triathlon I haven't surfed much at all and my ribs really suffered from the surf sesh from the day before OUCH!!!

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