Tuesday, June 9, 2009

North Shore Triathlon

Sunday 7th of June was my first North Shore Sprint...... The fun of this triathlon was camping down the road on the beach the night before. Here is a few shots of our campsite :-) I am glad that Chris came up with the idea, I ended up having a good race even after sleeping in a tent :-)

The race started at 6am which didn't give everyone much time in the morning to get their motors running if you know what I mean. We loaded our bikes in to Chris' car and headed to the beach park. I was glad he drove me the 100 yds or more to the start so I had no chance of crashing my bike before the race start like I did at the Lanikai race. I find it hard to believe that I had a faster bike on the Lanikai after that mishap..... oh well, I did just do a Half Ironman the weekend before so I am using that as my excuse (ha,ha)

I got in a little 5 min warm up run and headed down to the rocky beach to check out the water entrance and exit.... All that I can say is that I am very thankful I didn't have a run in with the reef. Some of my friends were not so lucky, but they had amazing races!!

I am very excited to start my swim clinic next week because this girls needs alot of swimming!! It took me 11+ mins to do a 400m swim (even though there was a long run after the water exit) that is just not an excuse! I will get better!!

I loved the bike (as usual) The only thing about being a slower swimmer I like is getting to pass lots of people, nothing to brag about that is for sure :-) The bike was fast and fun!

I had the quickest T2 ever of under a minute, this is a record for me and hope to get better with time and practice. Last September when I did my first sprint at the Na Wahine, I thought it was ok just to chit chat and smile to everyone in T1 and T2.... I am learning that these are just as important as the swim, bike, and run stuff :-)

I finished my run hard and I feel like I pushed as good as I could for the run. I am happy with my results and honestly this little race is exactly what I needed to get out of the "post Honu" slump that I was in. I am ready to try and get stronger and faster!!

I had a bunch of friends that were racing and I was so happy to see my cycling buddies doing the relays!! Everyone did so great!! The coolest part of this race was just being on the North Shore early in the morning with a bunch of people getting sweaty and smiling!! This is why I love this stuff so much and what better place to do this than Hawaii, do I really have to leave this place?????

PS: Don't worry Zach, your bikes will be here soon so you can play! Thanks for the pictures and joining us for some quick camping :-)

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time out there. I am a slow swimmer too and I defintely need to improve. I think a swimming clinic is a perfect way to start building speed.