Monday, June 8, 2009

Back on Oahu

1st June 2009

After we return from the Big Island, I take the focus off me and place it on my dad and brother. It is time for me to get schooled on the golf course!! Brent's first time ever touching golf clubs and he still manages to whoop up on me.

I had a great time out on the course even though I am a little rusty! Before I fell in love with surfing, I would spend my after work hours and weekends out on the golf courses here in Hawaii and I was pretty good. You would not know that if you had been here on those days....

After the green, I got to get in the blue..... my favorite!! Dad and Brent chilled out in the shade and have a few beers while I got to catch some waves EVERYONE IS HAPPY!!
Later I took them on a quick "Terrish" version of a tour of Pearl Harbor. It turned out to be a nice evening and I think that Brent and Dad enjoyed the shorter version of what could be an all day event.
This tower is one of the few things that still stands from back in 1941 (date of attack) If you watch the movie Pearl Harbor you will see it.

Of course Brent had to end the day by taking Dad to his favorite local kine grinds..L&L Drive In

While they ordered their BBQ Mixed Plates..... I found some interesting things hanging on the walls inside.

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