Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Island

So, Wednesday we picked up dad and yesterday we got to the Big Island! I just love the pace of life over here so much and often fanticize about my retirement here :-) The weather is nice, still no wind at all and the sun is out and it is HOT!!! We go to the grocery to get some food for the trip and head to the beach house. Here is Dad and Brent picking out some "man meat" (steaks) for the weekend :-)
WOW!! I was so shocked at how cool our rental is! When we got here, I did a walkthrough of the cutestet beach house ever nad like Maggs said.... there are alot of bathrooms (ha,ha) That is a great thing when you have all these athletes staying in one big house together. I love this place!!

I went to race registration.. I am #1139, I droped off my bike-to-run gear and we were outta there; time for a swim. Hapuna Beach was bumping with people and boy did the water feel good! This was the first time that I was able to really do any sort of workout in a whole week due to being sick. IT FELT SO GOOD!!!
Dad and Brent enjoyed the water for a bit with me and then back to the house. I just wanted to go to sleep, but I got my bike ready and rolled out for the first ride in a week. At first it didn't feel so good, but after about 15 mins I felt much better and came back an topped that off with a 15 min run. Meanwhile, Brent and Dad were cooking up some "man steaks" on the grill and chilling around the house. What a perfect first day!

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  1. I was thinking to myself, "WHY haven't I been following Terrish's blog this whole time (after I saw it linked from Laura's)", but clearly that'd be because it's new. Of course, just what I need is another blog to read ;)