Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Should Tuesday be this Fun??

I started my morning feeling sore from head to toe... even my scalp hurt. Yesterday I went to Bikram Yoga class for the first time in way to long. I felt great during the class, but I am paying for my "sweet yoga moves" today :-) I attend Bikram in Kailua, this is a class where the temp is a calm 104 degrees. I am going to go as much as I can before my race next Saturday, this is something to keep me entertained since my training time is shorter and this will help my body perform better.

I got to go to Kalihi Elementary School to help kids in the homework lab. This was super fun since I got the 3rd grade girls. Wow! I forgot how hard math is :-)

Chris told me the BOCA swim was canceled due to the Box Jellyfish warning. I needed to swim so he suggested that we swim at Coconut Island, I was excited.. this would be my first visit.

I immediately said yes. Luckily I wasn't supposed to do anything more than a 20 min easy swim because I kept getting distracted from all of the cool underwater life below me. HUGE CORAL HEADS and tons of fish. After the swim, Chris showed me the "shark tank" but to me the coolest cat in there was the purple puffer fish trying to huff and puff and knock down some crabs to eat. Thanks Chris for a fun time on your island!!

Then I got to rush into town to make it to meet the group, I made it as everyone was heading out so I caught up with them. We enjoyed a nice short run interval workout followed with some stretching and laughs. Everyone was going to Wahoos, but I wasn't in the mood for that food so Chris suggested GREEK and I am so glad that he did :-) He took me to a great little joint in Kahala called the Olive Tree. It was so yummy! I am just pretty amazed at how eventful my Tuesday was and how much fun I had. What a great day to start my blog.


  1. You're first comment! I had fun too, next time maybe you can volunteer for longer ;-)

  2. Hey! Welcome to the world of blogging ;-)