Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My new toy :-)

I have great news... I got my first brand new bike yesterday!! Isn't she a beauty??? I have been shopping for this bike for a while now. If you didn't know, I HATE SHOPPING! I would rather do a long ride or long run instead of shop and honestly I feel much better after a good long workout. I feel exhausted and sleepy after shopping, I was told yesterday in class by my instructor that I was not a "typical woman" whatever the heck that means. Maybe he just hasn't been around any fun girls lately :-)
I got to take her for a spin this morning in the rain and harsh winds by myself and enjoyed some quite time on the road. It felt nice and I look forward to more rides......
Here is a real picture of my new toy!!

So for the past week, I have been in AIC Training (AIR INTERCEPT CONTROLLER).
This is one of my jobs in the Navy and I am attending training to get back up to speed on the current tactics and communication formats. I truly love being in the Navy, I am very excited to get back to the operational/tactical job that I love but I really will miss being at home every night and having every weekend to play (boy have the last 2 1/2 years been nice)

This weekend my friend Allison is headed to Napa, California to compete in the VINEMAN Ironman 70.3 She is going to do awesome :-)
For the past month or longer I have been riding with her on the long weekend rides and it has been really fun. Last weekend I got in 70 miles and the weekend before Allison put in 107 and Chris and I got a 95 mile ride in. I sure didn't expect that, I was just along for fun and it ended up that I made the whole way. Chris had initially planned on riding about 20 miles or so and you see how that turned out. Here is a picture of us on the "Windward Side" overlooking Chris' place of work "Coconut Island" Not a bad office huh? This picture doesn't do it justice, it was such a beautiful darn day :-)

Our journey started in town and we headed out to Kualoa Ranch for the turnaround and here is shot of the mountains as we were cruzin by.....

This is the side of the island that I live on. I am hoping to leave from my house tomorrow for a nice ride.

Below here is what you jersey looks like after you have finished 6 hours on the bike :-) Nice and Salty


  1. You know, I was considering the Navy (and the Airforce), but the US won't take me into those either. Why do you hate Canadians? :P

  2. Terrish! I so wish you were here with some of your bright Hawaiian style too! We gotta make a training day together sometime when I get back...
    LOVE your new bike... perfect for Na Wahine :) ha ha...
    Take care chica!

  3. Awesome bike! Did you name it yet?

  4. Hey there! Your new toy is exactly what I'm now looking at! I'm a P2C right now (well, I was on a P2C, had to do a frame exchange under warranty and am now on a P2). What size frame do you have there? I was originally on a 48cm, went up to a 51cm with the frame exchange and am thinking of going back to a 48cm with the P3. I'm only 5'5", so I should probably be on the smaller bike anyway. Would love to hear how you are loving yours! :o)