Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can't get enough......July 4th

I love sleeping in...... usually this means not waking up to an alarm clock. I don't sleep past 6:30am on these days, but is very nice to wake up at your own will. July 4th started with me not wanting to go anywhere near "town" This would include Honolulu, Waikiki or driving anywhere near or through these places. I didn't want to be around 100's of people crammed in small areas. I talked Chris into heading up to the north shore for another fun day in the water. It took a while to get him feeling it, but after I mentioned "Shrimp Truck" he was game!!!

On our way up I had mentioned that I had never visited the "Mormon Temple" and he kind of wanted to check it out to. Boy were we in for a treat. We got approaced at the visitor center by a nice gentleman who let us know all about the Mormon faith and Chris made him earn his mission miles that day with a few questions.

After our learning session with Brother Eldner, we walked around the Temple grounds and I got some pretty sweet photos. It was a beautiful day and it was HOT HOT HOT. I kind of wanted to jump in the fountain to take a dip, but I thought Brother Eldner might call the police :-)

The temple was dedicated in 1919 and has been played a huge role in the history of Laie town. This town is the home of Brigham Young University and the Polynesian Culture Center.

Off to the shrimp truck we go!!! YUMMMMM....... Can't get enough of this, I had the Ginger Shrimp!

Along the drive to the North Shore there are alot of Shrimp Shacks/Trucks. I happen to know that these folks are millionaires because they charge you $12 for shrimp/rice/tiny bit of lettuce/tiny bit o pinneapple

All of this has to only cost about $3-$5 to produce.... These shacks are always packed with tourist and locals alike because the shrimp is just so darn tasty! I guess I am helping make these folks rich one $12 plate at a time :-0

That little speck on the lower right in the water is Chris, this is where we started our swim to head to Shark's Cove... It was a nice sandy start, but we quickly got entertained by reef and creatures that live there.

And after the long swim we treated ourselves to our favorite... Acai Bowls :-) at Kava roots at Pupukea


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog - it is always very cool to hear others I haven't met drop these notes! I love your pics on your blog - I haven't been to HI in a few years, and I need to get back. That place just puts me in a different gear...

  2. I've never been to HI and I love your "local" perspective. Thanks for sharing!