Wednesday, July 8, 2009

After a morning surf sesh..... July 3rd

After a great morning in the water on the south shore and some lunch it was time to head to the country. I have always loved my time spent on the north shore and this day was not different. I got to get some great photos of things that I have wanted to snap for a long time. I have always thought this old burn-down building was so beautiful and I finally have a picture to keep!

Our first stop was Waimea Bay for a swim. It was such a beautiful day and the beach was so alive with all different types of activities. Here is a shot of the bay from our "primo parking spot" a quick trip down a grass/dirt trail and we are in the sand. The swim was amazing! As soon as we put our heads underwater we could hear the dolphin sounds, bummer we didn't see any on this day but I am keeping my fingers crossed for my next Bay swim :-)

Our next stop was Puu-o-mahuka Heiau.

This well-preserved heiau (temple) is the largest on O'ahu covering over 5-acres and consisting of three adjoining enclosures measuring 575 feet by 170 feet. This was considered a powerful place for the kahuna and one of two places where wives of the ancient chiefs gave birth.
This heiau may also have been a site of human sacrifice.

The large podium has been removed so this is a picture of where the locals go to place their gifts to the gods. I noticed the Yam and the coconuts but I can't remember what other little items where there.

The views from this land are amazing, I wish that there were more trails cleared out for us to explore!

Located on the north shore town of Pupukea, this site is situated on a pali overlooking Waimea Bay. It is a national landmark and a registered state historical site.

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  1. There were TONS of dolphins in the bay on Sunday. Hope there are some on Sat.