Monday, July 27, 2009


I headed out to Maui with Chris on Thursday morning for a little fun away from home. Chris had some ocean surveying to accomplish with his peeps on Maui and I was along for the fun. Thursday morning we immediately hit Krispy Kreme for a fresh doughnut. Chris claims their apple fritters taste the same as Safeway, but I am all about the doughnuts myself :-)

Next we hit up the Zipline, Chris has been wanting to do this for some time now. It was fun to be in the woods for a bit.
After the Zipline, I was ready for the Lavender Farm. Yes, call me an old lady..... I love this kind of stuff. As you know, I love flowers and ones that smell amazing and have many uses are even better. This farm grows many many different types of Lavender and during our little walking tour, I got to smell the difference of about 7 types. I never knew that each type had a distinct smell and different particular uses.

After some spectacular Curry and Gelato in Paia town, we headed to the Ho'okipa Beach for a quick swim/play. The water was so refreshing with lots of fishys to look at and of course this huge SWAMP THING of moving seaweed that was creepy...

OFF TO HANA WE GO.... Weeeeeeeee!!!!

I spent the first day riding my bike and was just so happy. It was my 1 year anniversary of riding my bike (ORBEA) so I spent some quality time with her on the road :-)
This brown cow was making sure the highway was safe for my travels, he was a nice road guard. I am just happy that he didn't decide to charge at me while I was taking photos of him. When I was little, I would tease the cows that lived near my home and they got me back by scaring the shit out of me by charging at me.... Ahhh... the good ole days of being a little kid :-)

At every bridge this is what I had to deal with, not to bad I just had to really slow and be careful not to get stuck in a rut (if you know what I mean??)

Here is the rental house that we stayed in for the two nights, it was so cozy and right across the field from the beautiful ocean.

I went on the 4 mile hike in the National Park that goes back to the 400ft waterfall. I got to take a few self portraits to share with you.


  1. wow! beautiful pictures. i heart hawaii.

  2. Awesome pics!! Makes me want to move to Hawaii!!

  3. I seriously do not know how you guys eat Krispy Kreme. So nasty. They tried to open here and they all had to shut down cuz everyone thought they were so gross haha :)