Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lei Stands at the Airport

Aloha, Yes here we go with flowers again! I wanted to share what the stands at the airport look like. Since I am a lover of flowers... it is entertaining to me.

This topic comes up today since I will be going to the airport in a little bit to pick up the Royal New Zealand Navy's Sailor of the Year and his wife. They are arriving for a tour of the Navy's History here in Hawaii, we (Commander Pacific Fleet Headquarters) sponsor this visit as we do our Pacific Fleet Sailor of the Year Finalist.

Here are some shots of the women that work all day to create the beautiful Leis that you see on folks that are arriving to the islands, celebrating birthdays or any other special occasion.

Here is a picture of my brother while him and I were waiting on my dad at the airport when he arrived for his vacation. Brent had picked the cool green lei because him and my dad are Moto-X Kawasaki freeks and I picked the other one because of the wonderful smelling white flowers.

I wish that I could put a scratch and sniff button on your screen and share the wonderful smells that come along with some of the flowers here. Ahhhh... the things that I love about Hawaii :-)

I also have a blog of Pearl Harbor pictures that I would like to share, I will save that for another day. Have a GREAT SUNDAY!!!


  1. Hey there!
    RE your question on pacing... I use a Garmin watch. The downside? If you run tangents (which everyone should) your garmin will track you going a little faster than you actually are. Courses are set up on the left side of the road (not tangents) so by the time you get to mile... 1 say, then your garmin may read 1.01... that can accumulate over 26 miles. So yes, this means whenever you run a marathon you're actually running OVER 26.2 miles. The other least acc. to the garmin. Give yourself about 2-3 seconds per mile. So if your overall pace says 8:20, you'll likely be on about an 8:23 pace by the end of the run. Hope that helps!!!

  2. Lovely pics -hope to make it to Hawaii someday. :)

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh I love the flowers and they smell so good too!!